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Pink Petro Partners with Lean In

Blog Post created by Pink Petro Staff on Oct 5, 2015

October 5, 2015 - Houston, Texas

Lean_In_PP.pngPink Petro is hoping to spread a message of support to women in the energy sector and the men that support them: Lean in.  Pink Petro is the first energy organization to partner with Lean In and is proud to have joined the movement.

The bestselling author of Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg created Lean In circles to extend the work of her book in 2013 which encouraged women to be more assertive about pursuing their goals and dreams. The professional peer support initiative has almost over 20,000 groups in nearly 100 countries. The small groups of about a dozen women meet regularly to network, mentor and help each other out.


“Pink Petro and Lean In are a perfect fit.  Sheryl Sandberg’s work is very important and it’s time the energy sector embrace it,” said CEO and Founder, Katie Mehnert.  “Lean In and #LeanInTogether provide both women and men with the tools they need to create a work environment and culture that benefits from gender equality. ”

Pink Petro is a first of its kind: a community for both men and women to advocate and drive change in the energy sector gender gap and a “natural fit” with Lean In.

"I see our agenda in energy as one that need to be powered together.  That means all across the sector we need to unite, connect, develop and grow.  Women (and men) need to mentor, network each other, lead and sponsor each other if we want to succeed, " says Mehnert.

“Real relationships form when you create a safe space to connect, share and grow.  I’m proud our community is recognized for the intimacy and connectivity we provide.  We are creating ongoing energy and leadership conversations that are forging paths for our members and giving them access to they don’t get elsewhere,” said Mehnert.

In addition to becoming a Lean In partner, Pink Petro is launching hub locations across the globe in the USA, UK, Europe, Middle East, and Asia to bring women together for mentoring, education, networking, and access to qualified coaching services and learning opportunities.

"Partnerships with organizations like Lean In are just the start to our strategy in connecting our members to the gender agenda.  I'm on a mission and we're seeking to connect with resources the energy sector just hasn't tapped... yet, " said Mehnert.

Interested in a forming a hub or leading one in your country, region, city, or state?  Inbox me and we'll get you connected.