Silicon Valley Angel Meets the Oilfield: Howard Love Loves on Oil

Blog Post created by katie.mehnert Champion on Jul 14, 2016

Last night I had the chance to meet up with other founders in Houston at a StartGrind event.  StartGrind is a community supported by Google Entrepreneurs.  Like Pink Petro it's a community of like minds trying to help one another get through the throws of business. download.png


I decided to go the the pre-event.  After all, who doesn't want to meet an "angel" from the valley.  Angels are early seed investors.  They typically give out money between $500k-$2M.   In the oilfield we have plenty of angels. They just deal in much larger numbers.  If you're every spec projects or have done them, you know that there are risks associated in trying to find resources in the right place at the right time that can be recovered in a responsible and reliable way.


HLove-Headshot-1.jpgHoward Love is my new best friend. He's an angel based in Silicon Valley & has founded or co-founded 15 companies and invested in another 50 startups, including Titan Aerospace, which sold to Google, GigaOm, Hotel Tonight, Liftopia, DealBase, Trulia, and many others. I got an early copy of his book, “The Start-Up J Curve: the Six Steps to Entrepreneurial Success” which summarizes what he has learned the hard way - he wrote it to give entrepreneurs (and intrapreneurs) the tools they need to get through the toughest times so they can reach the primary value creation that lies beyond. 


In the few minutes he spoke to us hungry tired and weary startup CEOs, he had me at "If I wasn't a tech guy I'd be an oil wildcatter."


And like our friends at Jive Software and the CEO, Elisa Steele who believed in us from the start to help me get this community off the ground so quickly, I'd say having Silicon Valley meet the oilfield is a welcomed change.


(That's me and Elisa backstage at the C-suite conference in Boston last year after our launch pointing fingers at who started all of this social greatness.)


I have a feeling I'll be seeing more of Howard and companies like Jive, which means we all will.   Stay tuned.  What a great opportunity we have ahead of us to truly disrupt the industry.