This Day in Oil & Gas: Birth of “Phillips 66” Gasoline

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November 19, 1927 – Birth of “Phillips 66” Gasoline

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Originally promoted as a dependable “winter gasoline,” by 1930, Phillips 66 gasoline is sold in 12 states.

petroleum history november

The Phillips Petroleum Company Museum in Bartlesville opened in 2007.

After a decade as an exploration and production company, in 1927 Phillips Petroleum Company enters the highly competitive business of refining and retail gasoline distribution.

The Bartlesville, Oklahoma, company introduces a new line of gasoline – “Phillips 66” – at its first service station, which opens in Wichita, Kansas.

The gasoline is named “Phillips 66” after it propels company officials down U.S. Highway 66 at 66 mph in route to a meeting at their Bartlesville, Oklahoma, headquarters.

Route 66 becomes the backbone of Phillips marketing plans for the new product – which boasts “controlled volatility,” the result of a higher-gravity mix of naphtha and natural gasoline.

Because the composition makes Phillips 66 gas easier to start in cold weather, advertisements entice motorists to try the “New Winter Gasoline.”

Acquisition of service stations adds 50 new retail outlets each month to the company. By 1930, Phillips 66 gasoline is sold at 6,750 outlets in 12 states. Read more in ConocoPhillips Petroleum Museums.

From: American Oil and Gas Historical Society