Leadership Conference

Blog Post created by on Jun 22, 2016

Last week I had the amazing opportunity to attend the North Texas WEN Leadership Conference.  I am always blown away by the power of having a group of ambitious, talented, smart women gathering for the sake of learning, sharing, and developing themselves further.  This occasion was no different.


I was so inspired by the amazing women who took time out of their busy schedules to come and talk, dream, and encourage us.  There were so many incredible insights, observations, and discussions that ensued from this conference.  Gindi Vincent gave the key note talk at the end, and the point that impacted me the most was her observations around fear and how much they hold us back.  At a time when our industry has fallen off a cliff and layoff notices continue to happen daily, fear is almost a palpable thing that impacts us all.  Doom and gloom is all around us, and is not relegated to just our industry, but echoes through the constant drumbeat of terror threats, reports of mass shootings, recession fears, the impact of a Brexit, global warming, oil going sliding back down to $30, etc. etc. etc.


It was not so much even that her points were so unique, but the fact that they resonated so deeply with me, and that I noticed similar observations no less than half a dozen times in the past week alone, including posts here on Pink Petro.  I have read that our generation is the first generation to believe that our children's future will be worse off than our own, that more than 70 million Americans are reported to be using psychiatric medications to treat anxiety and/or depression, and a recent Gallup poll reported that 70% of Americans are unhappy or dissatisfied at work.  This has got to change!


So how do we begin?  Well first we have to realize that there is a problem, and I see signs of a collective awakening occurring.  Next we have to counteract fear, and the best weapon to defeat fear is hope, and there is so much to be hopeful about.  I am encouraged, inspired, and energized every time I attend a conference like the Leadership Conference, when a group of talented women get together at a Happy Hour to discuss our hopes and dreams, through participating in mentoring groups, and by all the empowerment I see within the Pink Petro Community.  I truly believe our generation can make a positive difference in both the Energy Industry, and throughout the world. We may not have all the answers, but let the work begin with us.