Breakfast is the best start to any day

Blog Post created by katie.mehnert Champion on Jun 27, 2016

They say breakfast is the best start to any day. 


I couldn't agree more.  Last Thursday several Pink Petro members and guests hadBreakfast with Wall Street Powerhouse, Sallie Krawcheck.


Houston's finest executive business women packed the 2nd story of La Table Restaurant where we were treated to a 2 course breakfast, networking, and sage advice from Sallie.


I joined Ellevate Network over a year ago to learn from Sallie as we've built Pink Petro.  I had the chance to meet with her last year when she gave Pink Petro two thumbs up and a bravo!


Sound bites I gathered from last week's breakfast:


On energy and the state of jobs:  Stay relevant. Disruption will continue.



PICTURE ABOVEKatie Mehnert, Sallie Krawcheck, Deborah Stavis, Jennifer Emerson


id help.jpegOn networking: The dream job is more likely to come from loose connections than your best friend. (This is why women need to join multiple networks and leverage all the tools available to them!)


On entrepreneurship: It's hard.  (Ahem, I don't disagree a bit.)


On investing:  Women retire with two-thirds less savings than men even though we live six to eight years longer.


PICTURE ABOVE:  Allison Lyons, Katie Mehnert, Barbara Duganier, and Brandy Copley


Sallie also informed us about her invitation-only Ellevest platform which was launched earlier this year. Women proxy.jpgare an untapped market overlooked by banks far too long. Ellevest is more personalized approach to investing. It gives women the chance to choose the experiences they want and the platform creates a personalized plan.


My hats off to the fabulous Jen Roosth.  She knows how to put on an amazing event with great women.


PICTURE TO THE RIGHT:  Jen Roosth, Ellevate Houston Chapter President, Sallie Krawcheck, Chair Ellevate Network and Founder of Ellevest



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