Shaking My Head: You Can't Hack Community

Blog Post created by katie.mehnert Champion on Jul 9, 2016

My phone has been buzzing, digging, and emails are pouring in.


Have you seen the news?  Did you hear?

I immediately go to google to put in my usual search terms: oil price news.  I mean it is the end of the worst first quarter we've had in a while and the carnage has been happening all week.


Here's what I saw instead.


Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 8.52.22 PM.png


When I read about yesterday's arrest and the DOJ charge against OilPro.com, Founder, David Kent, all I could do was shake my head.  SMH. SMH. and SMH some more.


According to Reuters, Kent, 40, was accused in a criminal complaint filed in Manhattan federal court of stealing data of nearly 700,000 user resumes from Rigzone.com, which he had sold for $51 million in 2010, to boost OilPro. 


Wait...It gets worse.  Kent then tried to resell OilPro back to Rigzone.com's parent company, DHI Holdings using the very data he allegedly stole.




Do you want to shake your head with me? He scored $51 million dollars for the initial company and then he wanted something like $20M for the second. If I earned $51M, I'd take it and retire.  According to sources he was trying to sell OilPro this January to DHI.


As of today, the site was down.  I checked a few moments ago, and there's been a page put up informing members of an "outage". 


Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 8.22.37 PM.png

So, what was touted the world largest social network for professionals in oil and gas, is now in the hands of the US Department of Justice.  And I shake my head, sad. Because social technology has so much power for good.


We don't know the future of what OilPro will be, but what I know is that our industry still has a need to unite, connect, develop and grow in our careers.  The challenges ahead of us are immense with a need to collaborate around people, technology, and policy.  And now more than ever we need a place to create community.  We need to go beyond the job board and commodity view of people and go for value.  And that's what makes me proud of Pink Petro.  We are a community, not a charity, job board, club, association, organization or a network.  These terms irk me because they perpetuate the boxes, hierarchy, walls and turfs that create waste and greed.


And...let's be real. We don't have 500,000 profiles.  We don't have 50,000.  We're niche with 1000 members and I only expect that will grow with the right people. We're not free.  We want people who want to be here for a reason. Our supporters are inside industry and near the real challenges that need our collective inputs to solve... companies like Shell, Halliburton, and KPMG Global Energy Institute.  We're partners with communities like Lean In and WorkforceNEXT because we know the whole is better than the sum of our individual parts.  And let's face it.  Our community wants a different approach, and we're the brave ones to go after something new. 


And here's some more reality....quality and doing something different is about assuring meaning and impact.  And each and every one of you mean something not just to me, but to each other. That's how communities work.


So I'm going to lay claim that we are the only real community for energy professionals worldwide. We want to drive change in the workforce and supply chain.  We are inclusive of gender, ethnicity, culture and generation.  We care about the future and are working together to drive it.


So...tell your friends and colleagues -


We'd love you to refer a few.


Networks are complicated and can be hacked.  You can't hack or fake community. Thanks for being a part of building something great.


Sources:   Reuters initial story here and the Department of Justice case here.