UPES SPE Student Chapter joins Pink Petro Community

Blog Post created by singhanish on Oct 6, 2016

Greetings from the UPES SPE Student Chapter!


Established in 2009 under SPE International’s North India Section with the objective of enabling students to contribute to, and learn from and about, the Oil and Gas sector, the UPES SPE Student Chapter has, ever since, hit the ground running; a statement reflected by the three consecutive Gold Standard Awards followed by three consecutive Outstanding Student Chapter Awards over the years. With a multitude of events, conferences, lectures and an international fest every year, the Chapter has a great outreach and an empowering vision to inculcate students into the Energy industry from an early stage, and to spread knowledge and information about the industry which in true sense, drives the contemporary world.


Pink Petro’s mission to Unite, Connect, Develop and Grow Women in Energy is reflected deeply in our Chapter’s vision- to enhance students’ industrial involvement, social outreach, and technical and professional capacity. Furthermore, the UPES SPE Student Chapter, itself ably lead by a female president, Ms. Sagarika Gangopadhaya, is keen on building a synergistic alliance with Pink Petro in order to help realize its vision. Where the importance of Women in Energy is concerned, we lead by example. We understand that the current gender ratio of the industry which we are all a part of is nowhere near desirable, or even acceptable.


Hence, with a team of nearly 50% female members in our chapter, we acknowledge the importance of equality in workforce and we’re here to do our bit to promote the involvement and upliftment of women in the energy sector, and strive for a gender neutral industry. We are thankful to Pink Petro for providing this wonderful opportunity to work alongside the stalwarts of the industry and learn from the people who inspire us and the industry, on the whole. We shall do our best to inculcate a surrounding of learning which will help the community as well as ourselves, to grow.