Clean Energy Economy

Blog Post created by aditibahuguna on Oct 19, 2016

The government of Australia- a nation booming with energy both above the ground, and down under; has set up a Clean Energy Fund, with a one billion dollar start.The primary objective of this fund is to "earn income or a profitable return" on the loans and valuations made towards alternate energy sources, and sources with low emissions. 

The reason that drives this fund stems from the fact that Australia's alternate energy technologies are flourishing.

For instance, according to Australia's market operator, in a mere ten years, the entire nation's electricity requirements will be met primarily by the use of Solar Energy.


Another driving technology in the clean energy spectrum is Energy Storage- the capture of energy produced at a certain time, to be used at a later time. Tesla's electric cars are gaining recognition in the consumer market, and the era of more people with electric cars, than without, is near.


The Smart Energy Grid is another such clean energy source. The grid includes a variety of operational and energy measures including smart meters, smart appliances, renewable energy resources, and energy efficiency resources. Despite of the fact that Renewable energy is mainly self sufficient, experts are positive that the relevance of the grid will stand.

And yet, there are environment-related drivers.


With the signing of the Paris agreement, with the objective of practically no net emissions by the year 2050, governments are finally recognizing effective solutions in the Energy sector, Australia leading by example. With a newer, cleaner energy economy breaking through, what with nations making investments, and setting up funds, the near impossible goal, might just be met.


Source- The Guardian