Pink Petro Staff Added with the Needs of its Growing Community

Blog Post created by katie.mehnert Champion on Nov 1, 2016

They say growth is a good thing.  We think so.  


With thousands of members on the platform, we're seeing the need to grow our staff.  So, in the past month, we've added a few to our team.   Please say hello to them all and follow them.


From left to right ... 


  • Robin Dupre joins the Pink Petro team as the Global Community Manager - a fit that marries Pink Petro's vision with her digital skills and oil and gas experience. Robin has more than 11 years of publishing experience, both print and digital, as well as non-profit experience through two high-profile organizations: Women's Energy Network and Young Professionals in Energy. We at Pink Petro feel that her skill set coupled with her enthusiasm for all things digital will help our community grow. 


    "I'm so excited to be a part of this growing community that empowers women in the energy landscape. This industry is not for the faint-hearted and the recent downturn just proved that now is the time for each of us to cultivate our skill set and grow our personal network to be indispensable. Pink Petro will help you do that and more. Let us be your community, your network, your resource to help you achieve your professional goals."

  • Kim Millspaugh joins us a Master Curator.  Kim recently retired from Shell.  While not traveling and living the retired life, Kim is an artist and contributor to Pink Petro. 


  • Kat Boogaard joins us as a Content Guru. Her "Dear Kat" columns and member profiles are a hit with members. Kat writes for The Business Insider, Inc. Magazine, The Daily Muse and she's also the Career Editor for The EveryGirl.


They join David Feldman and Kelsey Ardoin as a part of our team along with several members of the  UPES SPE Student Chapter who joined Pink Petro Community who have a passion for industry knowledge, insights and education.