6 Tips for Expats Re-entering the Workforce

Blog Post created by robin.dupre Champion on Nov 17, 2016

Not all expatriates have jobs to come home to when their overseas assignments come to an end. While global companies may have lateral positions available internationally, smaller organizations may have long filled that old position.


So, what’s an expat to do?



In many ways, expats returning to the workforce face the same problems as anyone who has taken time away from their career.


At least it feels the same: you’ve been out of the local workforce, you’ve lost contact with many of your colleagues, and your skills are dated (maybe even obsolete).


These are real concerns, but there are steps you can take that make your re-entry easier and ultimately, successful.

Get Your Skills Assessed

Upgrade Your Skills or Retrain

Apply to Startups and Early-Stage Tech Companies

Identify Your Transferable Skills

Look Outside of Your Industry

Your Expat Experience is of Value


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