Shop Like You Mean It

Blog Post created by kmillspaugh on Nov 16, 2016

Who says shopping isn’t meaningful?


Every purchase you make on allows impoverished women to receive microloans to help to build their own business.

Leading retailers (the best brands in the world!) have joined us to support, celebrate and empower women in business—and you can, too!
Every purchase made through this site will help impoverished women around the world with microloans to become entrepreneurs. There are no extra charges, and no hidden fees. You shop, she thrives!
ChooseWomen is honored to support leading Microfinance organizations around the world that provide impoverished women with essential microloans to start their own businesses. Each purchase made through will contribute a percentage of the sale to these organizations
This year, Choose Women hopes to fund and empower new women entrepreneurs with microloans who each deserve the opportunity to thrive in business.
Globally, it is estimated that women perform 66% of the world’s work, but earn a mere 10% of the world’s income. ( is positioned to play a decisive role in changing that dynamic. In order to spur this growth, to enable many more women to break this new ground, and to reach full market potential, we need your support.