Women @ Energy - STEM Careers at US DoE - Eve Kovacs

Blog Post created by kmillspaugh on Nov 23, 2016


The Women@Energy series showcases profiles and videos of inspirational women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) careers at the Department of Energy.

The profiles and videos highlight what inspired these women to work in STEM, what they do day-to-day in their jobs, their ideas for engaging others in STEM, tips, and more. Soon, the Women@Energy series will also include sample classroom lessons to engage middle school girls with the Women@Energy series.

We hope the stories and videos inspire women to think about their possible future in STEM. We can and should share our own STEM stories to help engage others and offer our voices on how our STEM careers have impacted us. Questions? Comments? Want to request a speaker? Get in touch by emailing

Eve Kovacs works at Argonne National Laboratory. She attended University of Melbourne, earning a B.Sc. (with honors), a Ph. D., and a diploma of computing studies.


"In high school, I was the only person (male or female) who liked physics. I found it intellectually stimulating and very satisfying to learn how nature really worked. It was fascinating to me that one could use mathematics to describe physical phenomena and to calculate the outcome of experiments. I couldn't imagine a more interesting career than doing research to advance our understanding of nature."