WEX Africa joins the WISE Program powered by Pink Petro

Blog Post created by robin.dupre Champion on Dec 5, 2016

Nairobi, Kenya, Africa / Houston, Texas 


Women in Energy and Extractives Africa (WEX) is proud to be the international founding associating of WISE (Women Investing in Self and Energy) Program Powered by PinkPetro. The PinkPetro WISE Program brings together associations, organizations, women’s networks, and gender initiative leaders to harness the power of human capital, content, and tremendous technology across the globe.


WEX aims to be the engine behind bridging the gender gaps within the mining, oil and gas and alternative energy sources in Sub-Saharan Africa. Around the world, women and young girls encounter complex traditional, cultural, physical and socio-economic barriers in accessing education at all levels. Through investing in these women and girls we are creating safe spaces for them to be empowered assisting them in skills development and breaking the cycle of gendered poverty through access to finance and economic opportunity. Recognizing women as stakeholders in their own right not only taps upon their economic potential but further cultivates a favorable environment that results in the reduction of poverty and sustainable development.


WEX members will have access to the PinkPetro platform of services and gain the opportunity to engage with this outstanding global network. PinkPetro was born out of becoming the most influential global community of women and men in energy looking to do something serious about the gender gap and attracting new talent into an unsung industry.


“I’m honored to welcome the WEX network to the Pink Petro global platform. We want to see all girls and women succeed in energy, and WEX is an important international relationship in bringing the world together to develop the next generation of our energy future on our platform that allows greater visibility, connectivity and opportunity,” said Katie Mehnert, CEO and Founder of PinkPetro.


“Coming together with Pink Petro as our first international partnership is exciting and couldn’t be more imperative at a time like now in the midst of global commodity markets beginning to recover. It speaks volumes as women and men joining hands around the world in the quest of raising awareness and advocating for gender parity, increased female participation, and women economic empowerment in the extractive industry remain a number one agenda," says Lucky Ogutu Okudo, CEO and Founder.


To sponsor WEX or learn more about this phenomenal organization, visit their website. here and make sure to connect with WEX members on the platform soon!