PESA joins Pink Petro as founding members of WISE Program

Blog Post created by kelseyardoin on Dec 6, 2016

Petroleum Equipment & Services Association (PESA) joins Pink Petro as the online community’s first WISE (Women Investing in Self and Energy) program members. This move is part of a larger initiative spearheaded by the association’s Engagement Committee.


“We host training, and when you look around the room, and much like the rest of the industry, it’s male-dominated,” said PESA Vice President of Communications & Member Relations Molly Smart. “Our members wanted to change that. We are starting with the association.”


Molly Smart, VP Communications & Member Relations at PESA


The engagement committee’s first goal was to diversify the ranks of PESA leadership by putting women and people of color on its board, advisory board, and committee chairmanship with metric-based goals to measure progress. The second goal was to raise awareness for the need for diversity within the energy industry’s service, supply and manufacturing organizations.


“PESA represents the sector, and when we prioritize that it will be recognized,” said PESA President Leslie Shockley Beyer. “I think some of the companies we represent have gone well and beyond the things we represent. Halliburton, Baker Hughes, and countless others have done extraordinary things, but some could do better. So as the umbrella organization, we are trying to show this is a priority.”


Leslie Shockley Beyer, President of PESA


Beyer cautions that this effort isn’t diversity for the sake of diversity.


“Successful organizations recognize the need for a diverse workforce and are ready and willing to spend resources to realize the benefits, such as increased adaptability, broader service range, variety of viewpoints, and more effective performance,” said Beyer.

Joining forces with Pink Petro confers added value to PESA members with highly discounted memberships and broadens the organization’s reach. For current Pink Petro members, PESA brings with it a history of hosting high-level networking and superior training events for technical and non-technical audiences.


“There are a lot of great opportunities for job growth in the field positions so this is a natural fit for us,” Pink Petro Founder Katie Mehnert said of PESA, calling the association a “progressive advocate” for the industry. “I’m thrilled to see the industry come together through the WISE Program at a time when we need to do something different to attract, retain, and develop women in our industry."


The WISE program is one of many recent efforts across the industry, such as mentoring programs targeting women and minorities for leadership roles and education efforts. These initiatives seek the interest of girls and minorities to enter STEM careers to create a pipeline of talented professionals to fill the ranks of oil and gas companies while closing the gender gap.


In fact, these workers may be critical in staffing the future of the oil and gas industry.


“Nearly 1.9 million job opportunities are projected in the oil & natural gas and petrochemical industries through 2035,” according to the American Petroleum Institute (API). “Women and minority workers represent a critically vital and available talent pool to help meet the demands of the projected growth and expansion.”


API projects that women will account for 16% or 290,000 of the job opportunities, while African Americans and Hispanics will staff 38% of the jobs, 131,000 and 576,000 jobs respectively.


If realized, this could represent yet another disruption within the energy industry, but organizations like Pink Petro and PESA appear poised for this change.


If you are a PESA member, you can now join Pink Petro for $25 by using promo code PESA25. This is a 75% discount and is a direct benefit of the WISE program partnership.