2017: Leaning into the Future of Energy

Blog Post created by katie.mehnert Champion on Jan 6, 2017

A year is smaller than a grain of sand in the scope of human existence, but it’s unbelievable how much changes in a short 365 days.


A year ago, we were facing $20-ish oil. Hundreds of thousands of our colleagues were being laid off; some still aren’t fully back to work and some have moved on. Terrorism showed no signs of ceasing. Brexit happened. The American election happened. Social media continued to force us into bubbles of our own creation. 2016 was tough, and we work in a cyclical business. Thankfully, our people persevered and we weathered the storm.


Things are better now. Oil prices are stabilizing and in America, Trump seems to be gearing for policy as an ally of energy.


Here’s what we can never forget: our industry literally powers the world. It’s our responsibility to provide a socially-responsible value chain. Disruptive forces are out there and making sure we have the best people and processes is key to winning in the long run.


Increasingly, women are becoming a bigger part of this picture. This is where Pink Petro comes in. In the past year, we were honored to:


Be proud of what we have done here, together.  

I gave up the idea of “resolutions” a long time ago. I call new year goals “evolutions.” How can I incrementally get better every day for myself, my colleagues, and my industry? In short: how do I evolve? I map that out and the go do it.


What’s 2017's evolution?

The first stop is March 8, 2017, International Women's Day at the HERWorld Energy Forum. We’ll be turning two (on the campus of Rice University), although you can stream the event all over the world and we expect thousands to celebrate. Last year, we had 53 energy organizations actively working towards solving the gender gap. This year, we’re expecting even more.


If 2016 was about resilience and building community, 2017 will be about leaning into the future of our industry and creating the new culture for work. Thanks for being part of your own evolution, and the evolution of this industry.


To our collective future!