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Blog Post created by Amanda Barlow on Jan 7, 2017

An Inconvenient Life Book Cover


There’s a lot more to a fly in – fly out lifestyle than just a big pay packet and buffet meals. It’s not just a job, it’s a lifestyle – a lifestyle that has to be taken seriously by those who have chosen it because it can make you or break you.

How does a female geologist stay working in such an environment for over 30 years? By doing the same things it takes a man to do it – working hard, being prepared to sacrifice birthdays, Christmas and New Year parties for another 12-hour shift on the rig – moving your home base to wherever it’s needed – staying positive through the downturns and relishing the booms - loving what you do and why you’re doing it, and rising to the challenges when they look like beating you. But they won’t. They can’t. You won’t let them.


The downturn is a time to rest, recover, take stock of what you’ve been through to get where you are today. Every bust brings the birth of a new era in resourceful innovation and reinvigorated enthusiasm to improve on what was done before. I don’t know what the resource industry will look like in 2020 but one thing I do know is that I intend to be playing an active role in it.


For me, a break from work has given me a chance to reflect on my 30+ years in the resource industry and then write a book about it. “An Inconvenient Life: My Unconventional Career as a Wellsite Geologist” is now available in kindle and print versions on I’ve worked too hard for too long to let this downturn put me off the job that I love. I hope reading it will inspire others to review their career and decide if it’s worth fighting for also.



Amanda Barlow is a wellsite geologist in the offshore oil and gas industry with a field-based geology career spanning over three decades. As well as being a recreational marathoner who has run over 40 marathons in 16 different countries she is also a published author of two books: “Call of the Jungle – How a Camping-Hating City-Slicker Mum Survived an Ultra Endurance Marathon through the Amazon Jungle” and also “An Inconvenient Life – My Unconventional Career as a Wellsite Geologist”. You can connect with her through the Pink Petro community, LinkedIn: or through her Facebook page