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USEA to discuss gender gap at Pink Petro’s HERWorld Energy Forum on International Women’s Day

Blog Post created by Pink Petro Staff on Feb 28, 2017

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Houston, TX— U.S. Energy Association Executive Director, Barry Worthington, and USEA Chairman, Vicky Bailey, will speak to thousands of women about the new frontier in energy and the value of diversity at the 2nd Annual HERWorld Energy Forum on March 8 at Rice University in Houston.


This year’s HERWorld Energy Forum, “The Next Era of Energy: Lean In, All In, and Join In,” will explore the changing energy industry, where business, workforce, innovation and policy intersect.


“I have witnessed an increased number of women on boards as companies make the effort to ensure women have the opportunity to serve. Most businesses recognize that diversity is good for business. Different perspectives result in better decision making. If in business your consumers represent a wide spectrum in terms of diversity, than that should also be reflected on your board,” USEA Chairman Vicky Bailey said.


“My organization is looking to attract women and others that may have not come up through a traditional path geared to energy. If senior level officials in energy companies constantly ask for diversity within the organization, the CEO will pay attention.”


Worthington said he is thrilled to be part of such an important and timely discussion in the epicenter of energy.

“There is a new reality in the energy industry and in the country. More women are majoring in science and engineering, and many of them are joining the energy sector. That brings a fresh new perspective to one of our oldest industries. We need a blend of voices at the table as we develop policy in Washington as well,” Worthington said.


“At USEA we work with the U.S. Agency for International Development to highlight one woman each month from the international energy sector, someone who exhibits leadership and embodies the value of diversity, which is critical,” he said.


Katie Mehnert, Founder and CEO of Pink Petro, said, "The evidence of dramatic change is all around us and it’s happening at exponential speed. The energy industry is entering the dawn of a new era and for the workforce, that's exciting."


ABC-TV Anchor, Gina Gaston and Editor in Chief of the Houston Business Journal, Giselle Greenwood will emcee.

The forum will be streamed globally with US local events in San Antonio, Denver, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Bakersfield, Wheeling, and Puget Sound.


Internationally, forums will be held in Kenya, the United Kingdom, and throughout Europe.

For a full agenda, speakers, and registration, visit the HERWorld website.