David Feldman

Myths of Energy – Solar Power

Blog Post created by David Feldman Champion on Mar 30, 2017

As the discussion on renewable energy sources becomes more and more of a daily occurrence, and new technologies continue to increase in reliability and ability to produce consistent power, it’s important to distinguish fact from fiction.  What was true just a couple years ago, may not be true today.  Today, let’s bust four myths about solar energy.


MYTH ONE: Solar powered devices only work during the day and not at night.


TRUTH: Most solar powered devices are able to store energy and harness enough from the sun during the day to be used throughout the night.


MYTH TWO: You can’t harness solar energy on a cloudy day.


TRUTH:  Yes, it’s true that energy production is not as effective on a cloudy day compared to a sunny day, but it does still gather energy.  Contrary to what many will say, solar panels actually work most efficiently when they are cool.  (I.E. places like San Francisco CA, Portland OR, Seattle WA, etc.)  The key isn’t that every day is sunny but rather the solar panels are positioned correctly so they can gather sun at the best times.  Let’s look at Germany for an example.  They get about as much sunshine as the state of Alaska, yet they are the world’s top solar panel installer, producing 31% of the world’s renewable energy.


MYTH THREE: Solar powered lights are dim and not bright.


TRUTH: This may have been true a number of years ago; however with today’s improved technology, the quality of light from solar powered lights is significantly better, making this former concern officially a myth now. 


MYTH FOUR: Solar power is expensive and not affordable.


TRUTH:  With advancements in solar technology the price of solar power has been quickly decreasing over the last few years.  That’s why over 60% of the solar panels in the US have been built in the past three years! (Source: Bloomberg, New Energy Finance & pv.energytrend.com)