David Feldman

Myths of Energy – Home Edition!

Blog Post created by David Feldman Champion on Apr 27, 2017

Most of us are in the business of Big Energy, but what about how that energy is used in our daily lives?  Today we’re going to bust some household energy myths:


Myth One:  My AC and Heater are the biggest energy consumers in my home.


This used to be true a few years ago, but with improvements in the efficiency of air conditioning units and furnaces, today’s homes are much more efficient HVAC-wise.  And if you live in a moderate climate where you don’t’ need to run your AC and/or heater all the time, you’re not spending as much as you would think compared to other items in your home. 


So what is the big energy hog in your home then?  Electronic devices!  This is your big screen TV or your gaming console that stays on 24 hrs. a day or the constant charging of all your electronic phones, tablets and toys. 


Myth Two: Putting your computer in sleep mode saves on the electric bill.


Not true!  Even when your computer is in sleep mode, it’s sucking up a shockingly high amount of electricity!  And that goes for tablets and phones as well. 


The best way to stop paying for your electronic gadgets to sit around and run is to turn them off when you’re not using them!  Don’t leave phones and tablets plugged in all night.  When they reach 100%, unplug! 


*TIP* Try plugging all of your electronic devices into a power strip, then you can easily flip the switch and turn everything off at once.


Myth Three: I can save a bunch of money by changing out my old windows for the new, energy-saving windows.


This myth is true or false depending on your home.  Yes, if you’re building a new home, you should definitely install double-pane, low-e windows.  They will help improve the energy efficiency of your home




If you’re living in an older home, changing out all the windows isn’t really going to give you the bang for your buck that you’re hoping for.  With all the other ways heat or cold escape old homes, your power bill is still going to stay high, and it will take a long time to recoup the investment of new windows.  You’re better off keeping the old windows and implementing other energy saving methods as much as possible. 


With these three tips, you can save on your energy bills and keep money in your pocket.  What other energy saving tips do you have to share with us?  Share in the comments below!