Pink Petro Advocate and Mentor Doug Cain Dies

Blog Post created by katie.mehnert Champion on May 8, 2017

Douglas CainToday I heard some sad news.  Pink Petro's first male member and huge advocate for women in energy (and especially in the field), Doug Cain died Friday surrounded by his family, the Business Journal reported this weekendDoug and I spoke earlier this year via phone about how the industry was on a rebound.  His pancreatic cancer prognosis had also seemingly turned positive, so when I heard the news I was surprised.


When Pink Petro launched in 2015, we received a phone call from San Antonio.   I'll never forget what he said.  "Katie Mehnert, this is Doug Cain with LakeTruck Lines and I want to be the first man to sign up for Pink Petro, so consider it done." said Cain. 


Doug was unafraid to talk about tough topics, especially his cancer. It's what I loved about him.  A two-timer myself we spoke openly about the challenges that made us into what Doug called (us), "gritty entrepreneurs".  When we got the chance to meet in 2015 one day in Houston, I remember not being able to keep myself from laughing.  His rousing demeanor yet direct style was something I needed as a new kid on the block.  I just needed to hear a lot in those days that I was going to be okay.  And Doug would reassure me of that.


"I lived in the 1980s.  Nothing scares me." he'd say.  Just before oil sank into the $20s, in 2016, Doug called me to see how I was doing.  He'd remind me over and over about how I had grit and just needed to see things through. I was proud to let Doug know earlier this year that despite the worst year ever in industry, I managed to become profitable. His response?  "That's grit for you.  You got this."


Doug also talked openly about women in energy, profiling the need for more, and spoke often about the needed change that could come from more women in the industry.  


The world lost an amazing man and energy leader last week but his spirit is alive in so many.  His resilience is what makes this industry what it is.  So I'm raising a glass of grit for all of us!


Thanks Doug for your mentorship and friendship.  We'll miss you.


- The Gritty Entrepreneur