2017's Woman Engineer Magazine Top 50 Employers

Blog Post created by tedbauer2003@gmail.com on May 9, 2017

Readers of Woman Engineer were asked to name the employers, both in the private and public sectors, for whom they would most like to work or that they believe would provide a positive working environment for women. The employers, listed according to the frequency they were cited by respondents, are listed in their entirety here. 


Pink Petro is proud to have four clients on this list: General Electric (4), Shell (18), Halliburton (22), and Emerson (41). They are all great companies for women within our space, and working to improve diversity and inclusion every day.


We've salute other industry leaders on the list: Schlumberger (9), Dupont (23), BP (31), Chevron (33), Dow (35), First Energy (36), Caterpillar (38), Hess (43), and Southern Company (45). 


Some additional context on the reader survey for Woman Engineer can be found in these series of charts from the issue:



Family-friendly benefits were increasingly important to the female engineers participating in this survey, but these numbers also bear out that we have road still to cover. Despite these being the top 50 workplaces for female engineers, 38% still claimed fairness "needed improvement," with an additional 21% saying they felt it was "slightly fair."


As the journey continues, we're lucky to have these amazing partners, friends, collaborators, and colleagues throughout the industry working on the same push. Kudos to all.