Gary the Go-Cart's Take on Carbon Sequestration

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Barbara Brandl Denson, aka BB Denson, author of Gary the Go-Cart: Wind Blows, recently released a new children’s
book that tackles the idea of carbon sequestration, addressing the pros and the cons. In her new title,
Gary the Go-Cart: Carbon Comes Out of the Closet¸ Denson explains the inconvenient truth regarding the politics and money behind carbon storage.


What made you start writing the Gary the Go-Cart series?   

I work for an environmental company (Weston Solutions).  My job has been to listen to the problems that Oil and Gas Companies have, with the idea that when I hear about a problem for which we have a solution, I can whip something out of the Weston toolbox and say, “We can help you with that!”.  The more I heard the problems the oil field had, the more I realized that our number one problem is that everyone hates us and we do a terrible job of presenting our side of the equation.  Thus, I started writing these books.


More and more people have started discussing carbon sequestration and its benefits as well as its drawbacks. What drew you to this topic?


I attended conferences where I heard a multitude of scientists speak on the subject.  They were all quite passionate about how important carbon dioxide is to plant life and the environment and, how wrong it is to accuse it of causing climate change.  I understood what they were saying, however, it required a great deal of charts and graphs and technical terms that the average person either wouldn’t understand or wouldn’t take the time to understand.  I believe the message needs to be simplified.


Why is this an important topic for kids to be aware of?


The kids are the future.  We can’t have a whole generation growing up making their decisions on false assumptions.


You seem to have a passion for environmental awareness. Do you write in hopes of changing the minds of people who are “climate deniers” or are you hoping to just spread more awareness about the subject?


I want to encourage a fair dialogue on this subject.  I know that our climate is changing.  However, I also know that it has changed throughout earth’s history and will continue to change, no matter what we do and no matter what Al Gore says.


I know that today’s level of atmospheric carbon dioxide is significantly less than it has been in earth’s past and is not driving climate change.



What shaped your view on carbon sequestration/carbon storage?


Hearing the presentations I mentioned earlier.  A particularly good one is by Dr. Patrick Moore and here is a link to it.  Dr. Moore’s study goes back millions of years and shows how increased carbon levels are preceded by increased temperature, not the reverse. Sequestration of our carbon dioxide simply deprives plants of the food it needs.  I doubt many people are aware that commercial nurseries often pump carbon dioxide into their greenhouses to increase plant growth.  


The politics of energy has been a popular topic in the recent months. How important is it for us as citizens to be aware of the political process regarding energy related decisions?  


It is critical for citizens to be well versed on energy policy.  However, they should learn facts, not simply political slogans.  All too often the rabid environmental side has used fear and false scare tactics to gain monetarily.   Follow the money. Al Gore has made a lot of money off this controversy.


This new administration is filled with many climate change deniers. Is this the same as your “climate deniers” that you aim to educate?


I am in the camp that believes carbon dioxide is not a pollutant nor does it contribute to our changing climate. That is the message of this latest “Gary” book and one that I hope the public will learn.  


This might be a controversial question for you, but I would like to ask you anyways: Even if we continued to produce most of our electricity from burning fossil fuels, we could (in theory), cut carbon emissions by 80-85% through carbon capture and storage. Though the long term effects of carbon storage is not known, why would you say that carbon sequestration is not a viable method for sustainable production of energy?


The unnecessary sequestration of carbon is a significant added expense for no real benefit.  Our economy and our country should not be burdened with that expense.


Will you be writing another Gary the Go-Cart sequel? Can you give us a little sneak peak of what we can expect?


I do have more books planned.  However, the next book will not be a “Gary” book.  The next one is about a little girl who wishes that all oil and gas goes away and then discovers what that would happen to many of the everyday things in her life.


How can I get ahold of this book? 


If you would like to check out the book online, visit my the books' website, www.desidramus.com

You can also access my book through third party outlets such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other Independent Bookstores


(If you are interested in checking out my first book, you can find them at these links: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Independent Bookstores.)


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