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To withhold your salary history or not...28% in energy refused...

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Pay Scale released a report today about salary history disclosure.  Between April and June 2017, they interviewed 15,413 respondents who were evaluating job offers through PayScale.


The full data can be found here. 


  • 43% of respondents reported being asked about their salary history. Nearly one quarter of those declined to answer. 
  • People seeking higher incomes are more likely to be asked about their salary history, but those who were asked and refused tend to make the most.
  • A woman who is asked about her salary history and refuses to disclose earns 1.8% less than a woman who discloses.
  • If a man refuses to disclose salary history, he gets paid 1.2 percent more.
  • Salary history is more likely to come up in an interview as you move up the ladder; 54 percent of Individual Contributors indicated that they did not disclose their salary history and were not asked, vs. only 36 percent of VPs and Executives. VPs and Executives are the group both most likely to volunteer their salary history and with most likely to refuse to disclose.
  • Refusal rates are lower for younger workers. 28% of Boomers refused to disclose their salary history when asked, vs 22% of Gen Xers and 18% of Millennials



Some interesting stats specific to energy and utilities:


52% job candidates say that in the interview process, they were not asked about their salary history nor did the candidate offer.  However 28% of those who were asked, refused to disclose.  Energy ties with the tech industry on that stat which begs to wonder, why did they refuse to share?


What say you? Would you disclose salary history in an interview?  Why or why not?  




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