A new community launches today for women offshore...

Blog Post created by katie.mehnert Champion on Jul 26, 2017

A month ago Mark Zuckerberg changed the mission of Facebook.  


Give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together.


And at Pink Petro for three years that's what we've been doing: building community to bring together the energy community and public closer together.  It's been nice to say we're the only one.  But today that changes and we're pretty stoked about it.


Technology, like energy is an amazing thing.  It has moved us into the modern age and accelerated and disrupted just about every industry. But it has the power to bring us closer together despite where we are, where we work and live.  It creates community.


Today I'm so pleased to share with you the Women Offshore community.  

Like Pink Petro, Women Offshore isn't a group, a diversity initiative or network...it's a collection and collaboration of people in our industry who care about its future. It's online, where everyone is consuming and sharing and connecting in the knowledge and relationship economy.   It's the outcome of months of hard work, late at night or on break to bring it to fruition.  It's a team of people across the world from the USA to Korea, women and men who are shipmates, engineers, mud loggers, and geologists working to bring energy to our world.



Ally Cedeno, founder of Women Offshore is the captain of this great ship.   She's a US Coast Guard licensed Chief Mate of unlimited tonnage and Senior Dynamic Positioning Operator on an ultra deepwater drillship.  (Yep, I just said and wrote that. WOW, the women in our industry amaze me!)


"I was feeling pretty lonely being the only woman on a crew.  I couldn't find a community for women on the water so I started one."   I met Rebecca Ponton (a Pink Petro member) and learned of her book and did some research online. It's good to be able to reach out to others who understand.  We need to find a way to connect everyone and that's what communities do."


The community just "came together".  


"We're all scattered. One guy is in Ohio, another team member in Angola, another in the Gulf of Mexico, one in San Diego and Louisiana, some in Houston and I'm in Korea. And it just keeps growing.  There's something special about how technology can connect people with common interests and that's what communities do." 


Ally recently found Pink Petro through a male colleague.  When we connected, it was an instant chemistry.  We've formed a group on the Pink Petro members app for women on the water which Ally leads and her content will also be shared with Pink Petro members.


Check out this great community at www.womenoffshore.org to read some amazing stories, subscribe to the newsletter for exclusive content and a to get great discount to join Pink Petro.  


And stay tuned for next week's interview with Ally.