Houston Fights For Light: Donate to Help The Energy Capital

Blog Post created by katie.mehnert Champion on Sep 3, 2017

Hurricane Harvey and Pink PetroI haven’t seen that sky in days. It’s been all rain. So much rain. But here it is.


Many energy families in Houston are dealing with massive losses right now. Since the start of the storm, Pink Petro has leveraged our wide network of resources to connect people to what they need: rescues, meals, and shelter. We will continue to as recovery efforts begin.


But no matter what level of catastrophe our community suffers — and this has been by all accounts unprecedented — we will rebuild. Because that’s what communities do


That doesn’t mean this will be easy. My heart breaks when I think about what we’ve all collectively lost — the Houston police officer killed on his way to help flood victims, the family of six that drowned escaping the storm, the homes and billions of dollars in damage and energy infrastructure that's waterlogged. The heart of the energy industry in this country and in the world is hurting, bad.


Then I’m reminded, by the outpouring of support and resources, that we are not alone.  But we will need a lot more help from those who can help -- here in the USA but to all of you in the 120+ countries in our community.



Our friends at Women's Energy Network have set up a disaster relief fund through their foundation or donate below. They will match up to $20,000 raised through this fund, to the Red Cross.  Please share this with your networks so we can make a real significant impact. 



The Pink Petro headquarters and its employees were impacted and will continue to be impacted for a significant time.  However the company is continuing to move forward.   Please stay connected on our members app and on social media --- the Pink Petro community remains in tact.


Our story isn’t over yet.  A new day is here.  We will rebuild, together.



Katie Walthall Mehnert

CEO and Founder, Pink Petro & Experience Energy