Mary Johnson

Your career toolkit: Storytelling done right, stress management and devising a strategy — for clothes

Blog Post created by Mary Johnson on Oct 17, 2017

Coach’s Corner on Pink Petro TV last week focused on the power of communication in leadership. And that got us thinking: What else do we need to have in our career toolkit to make an impact and get ahead?


We took a look back through the Pink Petro archives and found some of our best content related to professional development. Below we’ve included some of the highlights, with links back to the full stories for a more in-depth read. Enjoy!


Learn to ‘build your story’: And that means talking not just about what you do, but why you do it, according to Cheryl Chartier, a corporate storyteller for Articulus.


“The emotional connection is really what’s going to get people to separate you from the crowd. It’s not necessarily about what you do, but why you do what you do, the passion that you bring to it, and how you can get them to get their return on investment from working with you,” Chartier says.


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Manage yourself during stressful times: Because how we manage ourselves impacts our effectiveness, says Susan Hodge, a business coach and owner of Women Leading Together.


Here’s a tip that seems counterintuitive:  Slow down and do less. Instead of working harder and faster to get out of the situation, you’ll be more effective if you take some activities off your calendar,” Hodge says.


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Dress like your job depends on it: Because what you wear tells the world what kind of work you do and how seriously you take it, says Marilynn Barber, a speaker, stylist and strategist.


“Visuals communicate complex ideas into something more digestible and you position yourself to leave a more lasting impression. It’s the Picture Superiority Effect. Very simply, people remember pictures better than words.  If we make our image unique and impactful it will trigger the Picture Authority Effect with the viewer. Help them remember you in the most favorable way,” Barber said.


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