Mary Johnson

What energy can learn from this report on construction

Blog Post created by Mary Johnson on Oct 23, 2017

Energy and construction have a lot in common. Both have a long way to go before they reach gender parity in their ranks, duking it out for second to last and last place, respectively. But we’ll save that conversation for another day.


Today we’re talking about similar struggles. KPMG has released yet another piece of compelling thought leadership: its 2017 Global Construction Survey, which collected responses from 201 senior leaders, including 40 percent who are energy-focused. That survey found that construction is having a hard time embracing innovation and new technologies. A focus on governance, risk and controls hasn’t yielded a subsequent improvement in quality and safety. And construction significantly underestimates “the human element” and its effect on project delivery.


Sound familiar?


KPMG is offering a path forward. The survey this year is titled Make it, or break it: Reimagining governance, people and technology in the construction industry. The focus is on helping the industry break current molds and reimagine its approach to governance, people and technology.


Why does this matter for energy?


Given the similarities across industries, energy could find a new path forward in the survey and its findings.


Equally as important, engineering and construction are part of the value chain for energy. And innovation in the former stands to benefit the latter — in a big way.


Download the full report here.