Mary Johnson

What will we 'evolve' to do in 2018?

Blog Post created by Mary Johnson on Dec 26, 2017

From our founder, Katie Mehnert.


2017 is winding down, and for many of us, it’s about time.


Time for change, something new, a fresh start. Time when most of us start drafting our resolutions for the new year.


But I don’t believe in resolutions. I got rid of them years ago and now focus on “evolutions.” What can I do today to make myself, my world and those around me better than yesterday?


And then I go do that.


It’s a focus on action because that’s what we need more of in 2018:


  • Strategies to change the stagnant statistics found in the annual Women in the Workplace report from Lean In and McKinsey. Right now, in 2017, one in five C-suite executives is a woman. One in 30 is a woman of color. That’s unacceptable.
  • Policies and culture shift to advance the change that started with the Silence Breakers — the women taking the brave steps to talk about harassment and assault in the workplace. A transparent world is a safer, more productive and more profitable one, so how do we turn that grassroots movement into a transformation of corporate culture?
  • Plans to improve the dismal employee engagement numbers in the business world. How bad is it? Gallup found that 85% of employees are not engaged or are actively disengaged at work. That leads to $7 trillion in lost productivity and means our offices are filled with unhappy, unfulfilled people. We need to figure out how to empower them to make an impact.


It all comes down to talent and culture  — what I call the new T&C’s of energy.  As I wrote in Forbes this month, if your culture sucks, talent can’t thrive. And that’s something our industry just can’t afford. So how do we help companies see the value in building a transparent, inclusive culture — and then help them built it?


That’s my evolution in 2018: to offer up a new energy playbook built around GRIT — growth, resilience, innovation and transition. It’s the theme of our annual HERWorld Energy Forum on International Women’s Day in March (which will be EPIC so get your mainstage tickets today!), but it’s also the theme of our year. 2018 is about GRIT in a transparent world.


But we can’t get there alone. Pink Petro has formed powerful partnerships with more than 25 organizations around the world because we know we are stronger together than we are alone. We are connecting companies who get the importance of an inclusive workforce with top talent to broaden our community and our impact and transform the industry from the inside out. And we have become a trusted resource for all our members, who lean on us for information, support and, above all, connection.  


There’s a lot more of that coming your way in 2018.  If you are a member, we hope you will engage in our new members-only app or jumpstart your own new year with our career series on asking, presence, and connecting


If you’re not a member, we hope you’ll  join our community in 2018 and our collective effort to bust the gender gap and create a new, inclusive future for energy. Join for the community, for access to game-changing professional development opportunities, and for industry connections you can’t make anywhere else.  I guarantee it’s well worth it.


So here’s to action in 2018, and evolving (not resolving) to get things done.


We can’t wait to get started!   What are your evolutions? Tell us!