Are you ready to get gritty with 2018?

Blog Post created by katie.mehnert Champion on Jan 2, 2018

muscleI’m ready.


2018 is here. We’ve got so much work to do. So many exciting experiences on the calendar. So much potential for impact in our immediate future.


And I’m ready for it — all of it.


2017 threw our industry and so many of our members for a loop, but the best way to roll with work and life is to come back from it better, stronger and wiser.


And we don’t have to do it alone. That’s why you joined Pink Petro — to be part of a community committed to helping each other and this industry accomplish big things. We’ve packed our first quarter with learning experiences to do just that. And in true Pink Petro form, we’ve included everyone — harnessing the power of digital so you can choose how to engage best.


First up, we’ve got our Jumpstart Series, designed to teach you how to ask for what you want (and get it), forge powerful connections and make strong first impressions:

  • The Art of the Ask: Start the new year off right and join Michelle Peavy, Pink Petro's Director of 'Cool' Careers, for a workshop on how toget off your ask and transform your career. Two sessions: Jan. 10 (online) Jan. 24 (in-person).  
  • The Art of Connecting: I’ll be taking the reins on this one, teaching you how to make the valuable, powerful connections you need to get ahead. I built my success in corporate and now my entrepreneur life around community, and I’ll tell you everything I know. Two sessions: Feb. 1 (in-person) Feb. 14 (online)
  • The Art of Presence: Marilynn Barber, a presence expert and Pink Petro coach, will lead this workshop focused on creating a personal brand that is clear, consistent and easy-to-understand. It's the key to success in your career! Two in-person sessions: Feb. 7 Feb. 22   


All that is leading up to our main event: On March 8, International Women’s Day, we will host our third annual HERWorld Energy Forum. Our theme this year is The New Energy Playbook: GRIT — Growth, Resilience, Innovation and Transformation. We’ve already lined up some incredible speakers, including Dr. Jen Welter, first female coach in the NFL; Melody Meyer, a board member at BP and AbbVie; and — you’re reading it here first! — Pratima Rangarajan, CEO of the Oil & Gas Climate Initiative in Europe.


That’s only scratching the surface of the powerful content we’ve got planned, all focused around GRIT. It isn’t just our theme of the event; it’s our mantra for all of 2018. We don’t just want to move on from all the hardship of last year. We want to evolve from it so we can achieve something greater. As I mentioned in my post last week, that’s why I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions. I got rid of them years ago and now focus on “evolutions.” What can I do today to make myself, my world and those around me better than yesterday? And then I go do that.”


I’m ready for action in 2018. Now my question is, are you?