HERWorld: No Ordinary Event...an Experience

Blog Post created by katie.mehnert Champion on Jan 6, 2018

There's nothing I love more than to see women in our industry get the attention they SO deserve. 


Up until a few years ago, this space around women in energy, visibility, and influence was pretty status quo.  No one knew about women in energy unless you were IN energy.  It was a very insular sector and why I got out of the corporate chair and into the one I'm in now, to do something about it.  


And when I was in that old chair, I was among the lucky to speak or attend women's conferences.   My manager would insist I go given I had the passion for women but what I found is they all had the same topics, speakers, and were pretty exclusive.  They didn't include men, field women or job seekers.   Nothing was open and you didn't dare invite external people or views.   And it was a MUST that everyone come together in a hotel with awful food and pay thousands for a seat.  Event companies made millions because there were no other choices.


A year after Pink Petro launched, in early 2016, commodities were at record lows, but our community did an amazing thing: we created HERWorld -- an experience, and not another women's energy conference or ceremonial awards banquet.  With budgets and time constraints, the community crowdsourced a way to learn using a digital/in person hybrid model.  Our tribe loves to give me the credit but I say the credit is all of yours.  


And it TOOK off! 



In 2016, we hosted 300 in one hub location on the Halliburton campus and streamed live to locations around the globe, like this one at GE London. 


Women and men huddled together in conference rooms, auditoriums, and on rigs and plugged into learn.  We also hosted a second session HERWorld Connect, a focused workshop on taking challenges and putting them into action.   


In 2017, we hosted 6 live public sites with over 750 in person and 7500 worldwide and then again with HW Connect we held, just post Harvey, 100 in the room and several hundred online.









Pretty cool huh?


After spending a lot of money AND time at conferences over the years I took note of a few things.


  • People want fresh original content and want to hear diverse perspectives and see different people.  They also want to understand how the industry connects to the bigger picture.
  • Not everyone can afford to go, but they still want to get great content.  Ergo, why digital bridges that gap. Streaming just rocks.   
  • Attention spans are thin.  Most do best with a 1-1.5 days of "conference".  Less is more and generally drives greater impact.
  • Attendees hate rubber chicken venues.  They want to be inspired and "experience" learning. 


HERWorld is fresh, affordable, inclusive, diverse, short and sweet, and packed with engagement.  And dare we serve chicken...we create experiences people walk away from inspired, impacted and ready to put the learning into action.


HERWorld has brought fantastic insightful speakers from across the world including Gloria Feldt, Josh Levs,  and Jeff Hayzlett.  In Dr. Jen Welter will Headline HERWorld18!


New to HERWorld 18 this year is our first annual The Difference Makers: GRIT Awards -- GRIT awards are the furthest from rubber chicken and status quo.  They award the difference makers and people who don't necessary get the recognition they so deserve.  It's an honor for me to leverage the platform we've built collectively through Pink Petro and HERWorld to elevate them.  I hope you'll nominate.


I hope you will join us on March 8.