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Pink Petro member Melissa Stiegler featured in Woman Engineer magazine

Blog Post created by Mary Johnson on Mar 27, 2018

Melissa Stiegler in woman Engineer magazinePink Petro member and Emerson executive Melissa Stiegler was part of a feature article in the latest issue of Woman Engineer magazine.


In the article, Melissa, the director of global wireless product management for Emerson Automation Solutions, recalls a time in her life when she considered giving up on the engineering track.


“There’s no way to get around the fact that electrical engineering is a really hard program. There were times in college where I didn’t know if I would graduate, and it was hard to imagine a life as an electrical engineer,” Melissa told the magazine.


“What really turned things around for me was getting a co-op job at Emerson and getting hands-on experience. It showed me that I could do the real-life work of an electrical engineer, even if I didn’t love the coursework.”


Now she’s trying to pay that forward.


“I’m in charge of making sure our engineers are working on the right projects to solve our customers toughest challenges,” Melissa said. “I love working with our teams to solve problems. I believe the work we’re doing is really changing the industry, and, at the end of the day, making our customers safer. Being a part of this innovation makes me very happy to come to work every day.”


Congrats to Melissa on the recognition!


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