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KPMG Webcast May 9: Dealmaking in the renewable energy sector

Blog Post created by Mary Johnson on Apr 11, 2018

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In recent years the renewable energy sector has become highly attractive to a varied class of investors, from utilities, renewable, infrastructure funds and long term institutional pension investors to insurance and life investors. This global phenomenon has become a critical factor in the acceleration of renewables deployment as part of the global transition to a low-carbon future.


Following the COP21 Paris Agreement there is an even greater focus on climate change policy and regulation and these changes are starting to impact the global renewables market in a positive way.


During this webcast we will explore the growing market for renewable investment in four specific countries – Australia, Spain, France and the United States. Leading KPMG experts from each region will give their perspective on the key factors attracting investment and discuss emerging trends and barriers in each country. The webcast will be chaired by Mike Hayes, KPMG’s Global Leader of Renewables.


Join our leaders for this roundtable webcast to get their perspective on the opportunities in each jurisdiction.


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