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'I wanted my seat at the table' — That and more from Energy in the Age of Inclusion

Blog Post created by Mary Johnson on May 2, 2018

Elizabeth Rogo“I started my own company because I wanted my seat at the table.”


Those words — spoken by Elizabeth Rogo (at left), founder and CEO of TSAVO Oilfield Services — brought a hush over the room Tuesday at Energy in the Age of Inclusion, the latest experience from Pink Petro.


Elizabeth was one of the speakers on our Energy Disruptors panel, talking about the entrepreneurs changing the future of energy. The afternoon also focused on inclusion, and Elizabeth’s comment speaks to both: Energy needs diversity of perspective, experience, ethnicity and gender to do the kind of disruptive, game-changing work this industry needs. And if talented, driven individuals don’t see an inclusive culture where they are, they will leave and create one of their own.


So they can have their seat at the table.


There were many such highlights from our afternoon at the Queensbury Theater in Houston — from our panelists and our attendees. Thank you to all who came, and if you missed out, you can watch both panels on demand:



Here are some more memorable quotes from Energy in the Age of Inclusion, both during and after the event:

Energy in the Age of Inclusion1 

“As an HR professional, I need to continually assess if talented women are being allowed to realize their aspirations in our organization or if they face fewer barriers to success elsewhere. I should be driving programs and cultural shifts that will allow women to succeed without having to leave.”  — Hannah Royall, Marathon Oil



“Traveling from Norway to specifically attend this event was the best investment I could make. You truly have created something magic, and I’m so happy to be part of this movement.” — Rita Hausken Barkhodaee, strategist & coach


“Ideas and seeing opportunities almost have nothing to do with experience. You need experience when you take the idea to make it a viable business.” — Mike Adams, co-founder, Norwell EDGE


“Culture is at our root. The culture and the feedback really make an impact to an organization.” — Brittany Schaefer, VP, Medallia


Energy in the Age of Inclusion2

“Think about where technology was in the mid-90s. The world is your oyster when it comes to technology. It all comes down to making good decisions. There are many tools to help you do a better job, but it comes down to a few things: What can you do? What decisions do I have authority to make? What do you want to do? What are the dynamics?” — David Skinner, CEO, KCA


“The fastest and easiest way to innovate is to look at other industries to see what they are doing well and take from there. When we train for innovation, diversity or inclusion, we have to shift our new mindset to new ideas. Shift your beliefs, and spread that around.” — Jessica Higgins, COO, Gapingvoid Culture Design Group  


“Be very clear and direct about what you want. In the past, I saw them bring others in and I trained them, but I had been passed over. I realized they didn’t even know I wanted the position.” — Michele McNichol, CEO, Arion

Energy in the Age of Inclusion3

“Sometimes you don’t have a mentor and you just have to take a leap of faith. I’m actually seeing a group of women I can go to in this room. And you have to be the one to encourage others.” — Elizabeth Rogo, founder & CEO, TSAVO Oilfield Services


“Entrepreneurs need you to take a chance on us.” — Alma Del Toro, founder & president, Blue Bull Energy


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