Mary Johnson

How Halliburton is transforming its culture — and its workforce

Blog Post created by Mary Johnson on May 15, 2018

Halliburton womenWhen Pink Petro launched in 2015, it was not long after oil prices plummeted. The industry was reeling, and we sensed the time was right. We knew that when energy bounced back — and we knew it would — it would need to bring with it a new approach to talent and culture, with diversity and inclusion foremost in mind.


Some companies got it, right off the bat. One of those was Halliburton.


They became a supporter of Pink Petro from our inception, and now we are pleased to announce, that support extends to our careers and talent platform, Experience Energy.


Experience Energy is a destination for top talent looking for their next great opportunity and for companies looking to build powerful, inclusive teams. Halliburton saw that and the potential to tap it as a resource for building its own organization. They’ve posted a dozen jobs to the site in recent weeks — a list that includes everything from an entry-level operator assistant to a senior materials control specialist to a cementing engineer. (To search and apply, click here.)


Halliburton’s involvement with Experience Energy is an extension of the work the company is doing internally to build an inclusive culture company-wide.


One such effort is the Halliburton Family Care Program, which launched in the U.S. this month. The benefits are generous, progressive — and could go a long way toward keeping women in the workforce. They include:


  • up to five paid days a year to care for a sick child, parent or immediate family member
  • an expansion of the company’s maternity leave benefits that allows both mothers and fathers to take 8 weeks of paid leave within the first year to bond with a newborn or newly adopted child, which is in addition to the six to eight weeks of medical leave benefits associated with a birth
  • additional financial support for employees who adopt
  • additional support for employees with fertility issues


“As we work to support our diverse and inclusive culture, we seek to offer benefits that support the needs of our multigenerational workforce,” Mahesh Puducheri, Halliburton global vice president of human resources said in a statement. “The Halliburton family extends beyond our employees, and we believe that, by taking care of our entire, extended family, we strengthen our legacy going forward.


The program came about after a focus group of employees — both in the field and in the office — made a variety of recommendations to improve the company’s family benefits.


Not every company listens to those recommendations — nor does every company take action. We applaud Halliburton for seeing the value in putting culture first — and investing in diverse talent from the start.


If you want to join the Halliburton team, check out Experience Energy today!