Mary Johnson

The Women Offshore podcast: Sea stories with sea sisters

Blog Post created by Mary Johnson on May 22, 2018

Sea Sisters founder and Ally CedenoThere's a new episode from the Women Offshore podcast! 


This month, our friends at Women Offshore — an online organization whose mission is to shine a light on women in the offshore and maritime industries — talk with Sea Sisters' founder and editor Elizabeth Siminstad.


Elizabeth started working on the water in January of 2010 on an oceangoing tugboat in Seattle, Wash. In her first four years working on the water, Elizabeth was the only female on board. She eventually found herself in a fleet rich in diversity.


“It was around that time that I decided to take a shot at an idea I’d had for awhile: Create a website built by women, where we could gather and encourage each other, and tell our stories of what it meant to be a woman on the water.”


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