The GRIT Awards: Not Your Ordinary Honor, Nominations due 7/20

Blog Post created by katie.mehnert Champion on Jun 29, 2018


When I launched Experience Energy in 2017, Pink Petro's sister company,  we created the GRIT Awards.  We knew we were entering a crowded space. There are awards and honors for everything these days. Did we really need another one?


The short answer is, no. We don’t need another ceremony at another banquet hall with the same stuffy program and awful rubber chicken meal.


We created the GRIT Awards — an opportunity to showcase the difference-makers in energy. The women doing the heads-down, game-changing work of shepherding this industry into the future, and the men who support them. And it needed a way to celebrate them not just in person with one heck of a party, but digitallyallowing their stories to spread and inspire.


The truth is, we are putting a human face and voice on an industry that so many don’t understand.  From oil and natural gas, LNG to wind, solar, hydro, and nuclear, we power modern conveniences and that's nothing short of amazing.


Experience Energy is bringing the GRIT Awards back this fall, to honor a new class of energy leaders. You can nominate women and men, corporate leaders and energy entrepreneurs, individual contributors and teams from companies large and small, universities, and startups. ConocoPhillips had three finalists and we awarded winners from associations, teams at BP and Anadarko, all while 74,00 watched online.  


We've now extended our nomination deadline until July 20.


We’ve also booked two amazing keynote speakers to be held Oct. 3 in Houston and live online:

  • Geeta Thakorlal, president, INTECSEA, a Worley Parsons company
  • Crystal Washington, futurist, technology strategist, techie and author


We can’t wait to see you all there, and to meet our next class of gritty leaders. You can nominate, sponsor, or attend — in person or online.  


Everyone needs to know about the industry and people who power our society. Thanks for all you do to help the world, experience energy.