Mary Johnson

Inside our big push to change the face of energy

Blog Post created by Mary Johnson on Jul 2, 2018

experience energyYou may have noticed that we’ve been talking a lot lately about Experience Energy, the sister company Pink Petro launched last year during HERWorld.


It’s the brand behind the GRIT Awards, which we are bringing back this fall to honor a new class of phenomenal women in energy and the men who support them. (Nominations are now open through July 20!)


It’s also the brand we developed to unite more qualified, driven, diverse candidates with companies that champion inclusion in our industry — leveraging the power of our network and the expertise of our internal recruitment specialist, Kathy Wagner. (You can read more about Kathy here.)


Energy may be undergoing a massive transformation, but it’s not going away. We need it more now than ever. It’s not just about powering our cars and keeping the lights on. It’s about maintaining our modern lives. Think about it: Without energy, there is no Internet. Scary, right? WE KNOW.


If energy isn’t going anywhere, then neither are energy jobs. The industry is hiring again, and we can help companies ensure they are building inclusive teams that will allow them to become stronger, safer, more innovative and more profitable.


How do we do that? In three key ways: 


  • First, we created our dedicated careers site,, to help companies tap a diverse pool of talent as they build their teams. Companies can post jobs, search resumes and reach a targeted audience of thousands of highly qualified candidates. 
  • Second, we work with companies to develop campaign strategies around their recruitment efforts, including email, organic and paid social, advertising and content marketing. Companies can also create detailed employer profiles so candidates can build connection with organizations from the moment they see an opportunity online. 
  • And most importantly, we offer targeted recruitment and placement services to take the hard work out of the recruitment process. We research and screen candidates. We conduct first-level interviews, and we work with companies to develop a slate of candidates to choose from.


So how do you start?


If you’re a job seeker, click here to get a rundown of how to get started.


If you’re a company looking to hire, contact Kathy Wagner, our director of cool careers, at! You can find more information about all our recruitment services here