Mary Johnson

Women of Halliburton: Meet Stephanie!

Blog Post created by Mary Johnson on Jul 9, 2018

Halliburton, a valued Pink Petro community sponsor and corporate member, is publishing a series of videos across social media as part of a campaign to highlight the impressive women in its ranks. 


This week, we meet Stephanie Garcia, an associate technical professional at Halliburton. Stephanie joined the company from a career in retail — a transition she calls a complete “180.” In the process, though, she’s learned a lot about herself.


“One of the biggest things I’ve learned is I can. I can survive a job at 32 degrees Fahrenheit, I can provide competent solutions to my customers, and I can continue developing myself to be a well-rounded engineer and individual to better serve Halliburton.”



For more on how you can join the team at Halliburton, explore open opportunities at Experience Energy