Mary Johnson

Jaime Glas of HauteWork on the value of the GRIT Awards: 'It reinforced what I was doing'

Blog Post created by Mary Johnson on Jul 16, 2018

Need another reason to nominate yourself or someone you know for a GRIT Award?


Consider the impact it has had on Jaime Glas, founder of HauteWork (formerly Hot Stuff Safetywear) and one of our inaugural GRIT Award winners.


Jaime has created a line of flame-resistant clothing made exclusively for women, and she said winning a GRIT Award had a dramatic impact on her confidence.


“It reinforced what I was doing,” Jaime says in this video. “This award, it really was life-changing for me. It was the first industry award that I won, and it gave me so much confidence that, ‘What you’re doing, Jaime, is right. It’s what we need. So keep at it.”


Watch this video to learn more about what Jaime is working on and how winning a GRIT Award has pushed her business forward. To nominate yourself or someone you know, click here. Deadline for nominations is July 20!



We need to build confidence in everyone. That’s really what Pink Petro is about,” she says. “So nominate someone…It really will mean the world to them. and I’ll be proud of it forever.”