Mary Johnson

What's unique about the GRIT Awards? Mike Adams of Norwell Edge explains

Blog Post created by Mary Johnson on Jul 16, 2018

Mike Adams is the co-founder of the upstream elearning platform Norwell Edge. He’s also one of our inaugural GRIT Award winners.


The experience of winning a GRIT Award has allowed him to meet new people and connect with others who share the same values around education and diversity and inclusion. He has also welcomed the opportunity to be recognized by what he considers to be a first-of-its-kind award in energy now.


“We see a lot of the times with traditional awards in the industry, [they are] focused on highly commercial new technologies or big business deals. But what the GRIT awards do is they highlight everyday progress that’s being made on the ground in areas like education, diversity and inclusion — huge parts of our industry going forward that people need to focus on.”


Read more about Mike and his work with Norwell Edge here. To nominate yourself or someone you know for a GRIT Award, click here. The deadline for nominations is July 20!