Mary Johnson

This is your last chance to nominate for the GRIT Awards. Here's why you don't want to miss out

Blog Post created by Mary Johnson on Jul 16, 2018

This. Is. It.


The deadline for the Experience Energy GRIT Awards is this Friday, July 20. That means you have just a few days left to nominate yourself or someone you know for this unique honor in the energy industry. (You can take care of that right here, right now.)


We think it's a pretty incredible opportunity. But don’t take it from us.


Mike AdamsWe see a lot of the times with traditional awards the industry, [they are] focused on highly commercial new technologies or big business deals,” says Mike Adams of Norwell Edge, one of our inaugural GRIT Award winners. “But what the GRIT awards do is they highlight everyday progress that’s being made on the ground in areas like education, diversity and inclusion — huge parts of our industry going forward that people need to focus on.” (Click here to hear what else he had to say about GRIT.)



Jaime GlasJaime Glas of HauteWork said her GRIT Award reinforced what she was doing in creating a line of flame-resistant clothing designed exclusively for women. “This award, it really was life-changing for me. It was the first industry award that I won, and it gave me so much confidence that, ‘What you’re doing, Jaime, is right. It’s what we need. So keep at it.’” (Click here to hear more from Jaime on the impact of GRIT.)



Souzi WeilandAnd Souzi Weiland of Southwestern Energy calls it "a high honor, such great recognition for those of us who are working down in the trenches … So if you know anyone who has GRIT, who lives and work in a gritty way, I highly encourage you to nominate them.” (Click here for more from Souzi on what GRIT means to her.)


Katie Mehnert, the founder and CEO of Experience Energy and Pink Petro, couldn’t agree more.


“You can nominate entrepreneurs. You can nominate execs, professionals, teams, women and male champions. We need to get those nominations in!”


So consider this your last call: Nominate for the GRIT Awards today!