Mary Johnson

The 3 things you need to build a strong culture — and last call to participate in the Energy Diversity & Inclusion Index!

Blog Post created by Mary Johnson on Aug 27, 2018

We get this question a lot: What does it take to build a strong, inclusive company culture?


The answer is far from simple. Many companies try and fail to find the secret ingredient — free food, unlimited vacation time, open workspaces designed to foster collaboration. But in the course of all our work on culture and inclusion across a broad swath of energy companies, we have discovered three critical pieces that underpin every strong, successful company:


Mentorship. Environment. And networks.


Lean In EnergyWe’ve spent the past month talking through each of these elements. Last week, our focus was the importance of mentorship — specifically on the work we are doing through Lean In Energy, the nonprofit organization we founded in collaboration with Sheryl Sandberg’s global Lean In organization. 


In our story on the Women of Weatherford — the women’s networking organization taking shape within Weatherford International — we talked through the value of networks in advancing your career. We followed that up with a Coach’s Corner conversation with two executives from ConocoPhillips about how to leverage both internal and external networks — and why it’s important to have both.


TechSpaceAnd finally, we talked through environment and why space matters in building a strong culture — but not in the ways we usually think. It’s not about style or design (although that doesn’t hurt); it’s about bringing people together in a way that creates connection. Space builds an ecosystem of support, whether that’s within a single company or at a coworking space that plays host to entrepreneurs, small businesses and freelancers alike.


We also dig into these core elements in the Energy Diversity & Inclusion Index, the survey Experience Energy launched earlier this summer to gain first-of-its-kind insight into the state of inclusion in energy. We’ll be digging into the results during a panel discussion at the GRIT Awards on Oct. 3, so now is your last chance to fill out the survey and make your voice heard.   


Click here to take the survey.


And don’t forget to register for the GRIT Awards to hear the results of the Energy Diversity & Inclusion Index revealed live!