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We are pleased to announce the launch of the 2018 Global KPMG CEO Outlook Survey with a specific lens on the Energy sector which reflects the outlooks and positions of senior industry executives in the Power & Utilities (P&U) sector. The P&U report can be downloaded here. In the survey, we examine the ongoing growth trends, emerging strategies, as well as some of the risks and challenges facing CEOs.


Power & Utilities Outlook

Amid an environment where cyber security is under intense scrutiny, power and utilities executives are feeling the pressure. Forty-eight percent of CEOs showed concern that becoming the victim of a cyber-attack is a matter of “when” and not “if” and not all CEOs are well-prepared to manage such an event. Please click here to read more.


KPMG Energy LinkedIn showcase page

KPMG’s Energy LinkedIn showcase page is designed specifically for those interested in the energy industry. As part of our online energy community, you’ll be able to read today’s most important topics, access content affecting your industry or organization, share your perspectives on critical business topics and industry issues, post comments and more. Visit or click here to follow now 

Consolidation on the Norwegian Continental Shelf continues

Companies on the NCS are transforming from smaller exploration companies into significant entities with complete life cycle activity including exploration, development and production, hereunder operatorship. On the contrary, international oil majors continue to divest and scale down its Norwegian activity. We expect that private equity backed players and newcomers will continue its growth and further diversify the marketplace.


OPEC and the oil market consensus

This Thursday, OPEC Russia cooperation seemed to become more durable when a preliminary decision of the Russia OPEC monitoring committee, to support the Russian proposal to increase production by 1 million bpd for discussion at the broader OPEC meeting on Friday, 22 June 2018.

This seems to reflect the oil market consensus that the growing demand for oil will absorb the increased production. The Brent oil price remains in the range of USD75 per barrel, comfortable for both producers and the consumers


The KPMG Global Energy Institute is pleased to announce the release of the European Power & Utilities Report – Q1 2018.


This ongoing report on the European Power & Utilities sector is released at the end of each quarter and offers a single-source summary of the following pressing industry topics:



Price and margins


Regulatory news and resources


Capital markets


M&A activity


KPMG Global Energy Institute (GEI)

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For further information about this report, please click here.