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Josh Levs is the top global expert on modern dads at work and a past keynote speaker at HERWorld. You can learn more about Josh and his work here.


Oprah WinfreyFor more than a year now, I've been saying there are hopeful signs that no matter what goes on in Washington, we the people still have the power to move our culture forward. Last night's Golden Globes were the latest sign of that. We can stand up, demand change and make it happen.

I hope that feeling helps inspire you for 2018.

My kids and I spent last week on our first-ever cruise, making memories. (While my wife, who hates the idea of a cruise, had work and the house to herself!) I'm recharged and ready to hit the ground running. What are you going to achieve this year? Know it, own it, rock it.

My experience has taught me, repeatedly, that when you commit to make changes in your own life while fighting the good fight for a better society, people are ready to help you. They'll join with you. So as you think ahead, here's the message I delivered in my TEDx Talk: Break the system to achieve what other people believe to be impossible. Be the cups and ice.


We have a lot of work to do this year. Big on my list are, of course, the battle for gender equality, the war on ignorance and the efforts to engage men in all this in bigger ways than ever. I'm psyched. We can do this.

And a reminder: I have events coming up in Silicon Valley, Seattle, Philadelphia, Brussels and more. For info on all this, including bookings, visit my website

Thanks. Here's to 2018.

Big love,