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Structure of Safety

Posted by julianaherman Sep 29, 2016

It's been almost two months, but I would like to share my first custom event for my new company (going on a year in November).  We put on a Safety of Structure half day event at San Jacinto College-Central Campus in Pasadena on August 4th, 2016.  I have received good feedback and am planning my budget to include more learning events like it in 2017.  

It was a ton of work but a great experience for all involved.  How many people get to set up their event building (in a parking lot no less) and how many people have been inside a blast resistant air shelter?  I can tell you; it is a very select group. 

I have been participating in some career path and career change posts, and I will say, I never saw this coming.  I have been with large corporations most of my career and am now with a small innovative company with exciting products.  As many of us have been discussing advice for our past selves or the future workforce, I would say, don't take a "path" too seriously.  In this role I did not see coming; I am combining my clothing and textiles degree with my experience in Oil & Gas, product development experience with sales, and  strategy background with event planning.  Be open to challenges, and know what challenges you (but still look for something you believe in and can have fun with!).  

Our speakers were followed by a tour around the shelter by the inventor and founder of Dynamic Air Shelters.  

Facility Siting Challenges and Blast-Resistant Design - Charles J. King, PE, PSRG

Development of a Blast-Resistant Air Shelter - Harold Warner, Founder, DYNAMIC AIR SHELTERS

Testing Protocols and Human Vulnerability - Steve Parks, Owner and President, ORA INC.


Structure of Safety 2016 | Dynamic Air Shelters 



Let me know what you think of events like these and if you have any comments or suggestions.  And thank you, Katie Mehnert for encouraging me to share my experience.