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I wanted to share a recent talk show I did with Shale’s In The Oil Patch.  I was flattered they invited me back on the show to talk about my company, The Energy CFO, what is going on in the industry, and what prompted me to want to found the South Texas Chapter of the Women’s Energy Network.  I want to recognize Kimberly Wilson  and Haley Curry for their efforts in helping found the chapter.  Kimberly believed in us and helped us get the seed money to do it.  Haley Curry was one of the amazing 8 women who served in our founding board and helped spread the word upstream. 


The interview begins @15:30 if you run it using the soundcloud link at the bottom of the page.   The South Texas WEN story begins @50:00.

By Paula Waggoner-Aguilar

Shale Oil & Gas Magazine Sep/Oct 2015


There are times when navigating our businesses in this industry can feel like you are driving blindly in a torrential downpour.  This article focuses on four business planning tools that owners and executives can use right now to weather the storm:  the Cash Report, the Flash Report, the Cash Flow Forecast, and the Monthly Operational and Financial Review.  Surviving in this industry starts with good blocking and tackling and flawless execution of the fundamentals.  For more information, check out Paula's latest article at: