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We're so thrilled you've joined.  Now what?  

Here are 10 ways to get engaged.  There's something for everyone but the key is picking what's best for you. We aren't a women's network.  We're a community of women and men who care about driving a new workforce in energy: an inclusive one.  We elevate and connect individuals, companies and industry through experiences and content we create (and allow you to create). Your global membership provides you access to all areas of our award winning website, leadership community, board and speaking opportunities, Pink Petro TV programming, learning and development with top academic institutions, and high-impact in-person and on-demand experiences. 

Named by Forbes as one of 7 communities where you can connect to industry insiders, we hope you'll take advantage of the benefits being a part of this community offers.


1.     Get the current app now  OR  Request an invite to our nexGen app  

2.     Join a Mentoring Circle via the Global Lean In Energy Community

3.     Browse or contribute to our dynamic community

4.     Watch Pink Petro TV (on demand on live)

5. experiences in person and online.

6. our Ambassador Corp.

7.     Participate in the Coaches Corner

8.     Get plugged into HERWorld Series

9.   Tell a friend or a company.

10.   Get the dream job you've always wanted or engage us to help you find diverse talent.

You've joined the fastest growing community on the planet for people in energy who care about the future or work, talent and driving inclusive engaging workforces.  See you on the app, in person or online.  We can't wait to create community with you!



Corporate, academic and industry group members of Pink Petro are allowed to provide delegates to serve on the Global Community CouncilThe council is a cross-industry community to connect industry to resources and best practices.  The role of the council is to provide a neutral platform for dialogue and actions to address gender equality and building inclusive culture in the full value chain.  




The council's work is progressive movement for change.


The value chain in energy is diverse, vast, and highly fragmented.  Companies and industry recognize we need to build a more robust inclusive value chain to compete and meet the growing social needs of communities we serve.  We believe our progress will be accelerated by working together.  This global council connects companies, regardless of size, within industry, and to external initiatives.  The council evaluates and steers relevant programming and policies for the Pink Petro community at large and is also looking to help advance the industry as a place women and minorities want to work.  Pink Petro also creates key external partnerships with organizations, individual ambassadors, and initiatives that align with the charter of the GCC.   Some examples include learning and partnerships with Josh Levs, UN Advocate of Gender Equality and Modern Dads, and the Women in the Workplace study, and The World Economic Forum Call to Action on Gender Equality in Energy.   




Pink Petro believes we need to create the change we want to see.   Our council is inclusive of gender, generations, ethnicities and cultures, and levels/experience, so we encourage you to think about who can represent your company given these characteristics.  Men are absolutely welcome.  Your delegate must serve a minimum of a calendar year and can serve a maximum of two years. 




The council meets virtually quarterly with one meeting in person in Houston the first week of December.  We use technology to enable all meetings.  We also have a private app to keep conversations and knowledge sharing ongoing for those who want to connect that way.


The Community Council was formed out of a desire for industry to accelerate the pace of change in driving inclusion and an end to the gender gap.  






If you are interested in becoming a corporate member, you can apply at or contact our office, +1 281 741 5482,,  or Tracey Kearny, Chair of the Community Council.

The new Pink Petro member app is here!  


You asked, we listened.  


Log on to the Pink Petro app to connect with members, search the directory, share, search careers on Experience Energy (our platform just for women in industry), and sign up for events.


Apple store users download here


Google play store users download here.


Pink Petro is proud to extend an invitation to join the C-Suite Network, the world’s most trusted network of C-Suite leaders. The C-Suite Network recently unveiled its new Membership System. The platform includes:


·       Peer Network: Form relationships with people that impact your personal and professional success

·       Insight and Content: Exclusive content on trends and discussions taking place in business today

·       Events: Learn, engage and build your network through in-person C-Suite Conferences and other events and meetings

·       Services: Valuable resources to help you be a successful leader


Become a Premium member today at no cost. This means you have access to other members, online content and a number of productivity enhancement products and other services on a trial basis.


Join today:


Through our partnership, you can easily upgrade your membership to either Executive Level or Leadership Circle with a 50% discount. Register with the link above and use the promo code PinkPetro


The C-Suite Network provides a personalized service for its members. You can get help, ask questions and get other support you need by sending a note to


We hope you join us in the C-Suite Network and become part of this rapidly expanding community.


All Pink Petro executive or petroprenuer members who hold the role of VP or above at an organization with $5M or greater in revenue are eligible.  Feel free to contact Member Services if you are unsure of your eligibility.

People ask us what makes a Pink Petro member....
  • You are fascinated by the global energy industry.
  • You are a professional, an industry executive, a student studying the industry, or an educator in or focused on energy.
  • You are immersed in a specific sector of the industry or across sectors - ranging from oil and gas to alternatives to power and utilities, and everything in between.
  • You have a passion for your work and/or are seeking passion in your work.
  • You are the CEO of your own career - you seek development, knowledge, resources, expertise and leadership best practices.
  • You want to create a steady stream of conversations, relationships, and feedback so that you can achieve the next step. You want to gain a return on your experiences.
  • You want digital connectivity and virtual learning options that are on demand, online and 24x7, no matter where you are located across the globe - without having to be somewhere specific in person.
  • You know that developing a personal brand is important to your career and you're a bit overwhelmed by how to set the best strategy and choose the right tactics and tools.
  • You want a measurable way to know these tools can position you to succeed in leadership roles, thereby increasing the chances of bridging the gender gap and reaching parity.
  • You value hard work and are ready to up your game. You’re an action-taker.
  • You know we don’t get to the finish line alone, and want to collaborate across all genders.
  • You’re prepared to invest in yourself and believe in career, community, and connectivity.
  • You know that it's going to take both men and women to achieve parity and you believe inclusion is paramount to building the energy workforce and supply chain.

Some of you have had some trouble posting, commenting, or sharing content while using the mobile version of Pink Petro. We've reported these issues to Jive and can offer these 3 fixes:

  • Log-out / Log-in of the app refreshing the connection it to the site.
  • Update the app (if available) and re-log into the site.
  • Uninstall and install the app.


If neither of these fixes seem to resolve the problem, please comment on this post or message me directly.

Your Activity page may look intimidating: when you're at the top level, you can see all the activity generated in your community. But as you start working in Pink Petro, you'll start personalizing your stream. As you begin following people, places, and content, clicking a stream shows you only activity from the sources you follow. For example, you can see activity for groups you belong to as well as colleagues at your same level in the Connections stream. At any time, you can click the Filter menu to catch up with status updates only. That's a great way to see what other people in the community are excited about. Another way is to check out Trending Content and Trending People widgets in the right pane.


After you've been using Pink Petro for a while, Recommended For You can show you activity you might have missed based on its popularity and relevance to you and your interests. You can help the Recommender learn about what you want to see. Not interested? Click the x next to an item to banish it.


Quick Tip #19: Linking

Posted by robin.dupre Champion May 14, 2015

Linking is one of the key elements that makes websites valuable. You can include links in anything you post in Pink Petro by highlighting the text you want to convert to a link and clicking on the link button in the editor to activate the Link Picker. The Link Picker gives you the power to link to any web address (URL), search for something in Pink Petro to link to on the All Content tab, or you can choose from your recent browsing history on the Browse History tab.


You can also link to documents using @mentioning. Just type an @ followed by some text to start searching for a document. For example, type @Weekly to bring up a picklist of documents with Weekly in the title.


Ask your questions in Pink Petro rather than through email. Not only will you be helping everyone by establishing the answer in a way that other people can use it, you'll be helping the person with the answer by limiting the number of times they answer it.


Plus, you'll receive a more thorough answer by engaging the community rather than a few select individuals.

When you mark a discussion as a question you're giving people even more incentive to answer. Once they do you can mark their answers as correct or helpful -- you'll give their reputation a boost.

You have lots of options for Pink Petro to notify you about changes and updates to content you care about. Changes to content you create and participated in are always followed in Inbox. You can also click "Follow" to bring updates about documents, discussions, and Place activity into an Activity stream. Following any item in Inbox pulls activity into your read-tracked Inbox stream, and you'll be alerted about it as soon as you log in. (Be sparing about what you follow there: you don't want important items to be buried in a sea of updates you don't care about.)


To begin following activity, navigate to the area you care about — a place or document or blog or person, for example — and click "Follow" under Actions. Then select one or more streams to follow it in. The button changes to say "Following." Click it again to stop following.

Whether you get notified by email about stuff you follow is up to you--just click Preferences under your name to decide whether to get email about everything you follow, just Inbox items, or some other selection of items. To enable email notifications on any stream, edit the stream and turn Email Updates on at the top of the page.


Looking for someone? There are many ways to find them:

  • Try a search: You can enter someone's name right in the search box in the user bar. You can also search for an expertise and Pink Petro will find any colleagues matching that skill.
  • Don't worry if you don't find any results matching a person. All content in Pink Petro is written by people so sometimes the best way to find someone is to find something they wrote and link up with them that way.
  • Try browsing

Try filtering by tags. Tags unify content and people. Often, you might want to find someone based on a keyword. The tags interface is a great way to jump in and find people.


Quick Tip #4: Tag It

Posted by robin.dupre Champion May 14, 2015

Tags are essentially keywords. When you're about to post an item, like a blog post, document, or discussion, select or type in the keywords that come to mind in the Tags field. This will increase the search relevance of the item and help others find it in the future.


On many pages in the system you'll find a Tag Cloud that shows the most commonly used tags in that part of the community. You can click on any of the tags to find items that have been tagged with that word. You can even select multiple tags to narrow your search to items that have more than one tag applied.


You can set your time zone, discussion thread, and email notification preferences all in one handy location.

Have you ever forgotten the location of a file, but remembered who worked on it? With Pink Petro you can easily get to all of the content that someone has worked on. Just navigate to their profile and go to their Content tab. Inside that tab you can filter by tag or by the type of content, such as document, discussion, or blog post.


Inbox is the place to look for activity that directly concerns you--notifications, mentions, direct messages, plus any activity on content you participated in. When there's a new reply to a discussion you participated in, you get a read alert here: when content you wrote gets a revision or a comment, you get a read alert for that too. The same thing happens when you get a mention, message, or system notification. You can choose to use alerts and read-tracking alone to keep up with your Inbox stream, or you can set your email notifications (under "[your name] > "Preferences") to send an email notification each time you get Inbox activity.


If you want activity you're not directly involved in to be tracked in your Inbox, just navigate to any item and click "Follow," selecting Inbox as the stream. You'll get alerted whenever there are changes or comments. If you decide to stop following it, just click "Stop following in Inbox" from the Inbox preview pane, or go to the item, click "Following," and uncheck Inbox. You won't be alerted about that item again.