HOW TO: Join Groups on Pink Petro

Blog Post created by katie.mehnert Champion on Mar 1, 2015

Welcome to Pink Petro.  We have a few groups put together with specific content.


  • Pink Petro University is your one stop shop to talk career.  We will have featured experts, coaches, and all kinds of great content and discussions here. Get the guy's perspectives, too, in our featured, "HIS" Perspective - How I See It
  • Events is all things happening online and offline.  We'll be putting in new events regularly.  If you know of something we should post, do let us know.
  • Halliburton & Shell, our Founder's Council industry sponsors who helped birth Pink Petro have spaces you can check out, as well.
  • The Ex Group, led by Community Manager, Jillian Sherburne is for expatriates or recently laid off/displaced employees.




  • Simply go to FIND --> PLACES (Groups or Spaces)
  • Search for places you wish to follow.

Screenshot 2015-02-04 22.52.44.png










  • When you get to the place (group or space), click FOLLOW in the far right corner.
  • Note you can follow it in your stream or in your Pink Petro inbox.  We recommend either.  You will receive notifications via email if you've set that up in your profile preferences.


Screenshot 2015-02-04 22.55.25.png


Have new ideas for other groups?  Let us know.