Quick Tip #20: Manage Your Activity Streams

Blog Post created by robin.dupre Champion on May 14, 2015

Your Activity page may look intimidating: when you're at the top level, you can see all the activity generated in your community. But as you start working in Pink Petro, you'll start personalizing your stream. As you begin following people, places, and content, clicking a stream shows you only activity from the sources you follow. For example, you can see activity for groups you belong to as well as colleagues at your same level in the Connections stream. At any time, you can click the Filter menu to catch up with status updates only. That's a great way to see what other people in the community are excited about. Another way is to check out Trending Content and Trending People widgets in the right pane.


After you've been using Pink Petro for a while, Recommended For You can show you activity you might have missed based on its popularity and relevance to you and your interests. You can help the Recommender learn about what you want to see. Not interested? Click the x next to an item to banish it.