Quick Tip #7: Enhance Your Profile

Blog Post created by robin.dupre Champion on May 14, 2015

Valeria DelgadoYour Profile is your central identity in Pink Petro. Your colleagues will go there to learn about you, understand your expertise, and read content you've written. Make sure it's up to date. At a minimum, you should make sure to:


  • Upload a photo of yourself and create an avatar. An avatar is a quick thumbnail image of you. Most people use a smaller version of their photo for this but it's also fun to pick another image.
  • Enter your contact information. This makes sure people can not only email but call or visit in person.
  • Enter a biography and skills. Tell other people about your background and what you're an expert in.


Tag yourself. Tags are a great, and succinct, way to describe yourself. This also helps Pink Petro's search engine find you if someone is looking for an expert.